Schiphol To Amsterdam CS

Amsterdam CS to Hotel CASA

From Amsterdam Central (Train) Station travel to Amstel (Train) Station (one or two stops by train, or alternatively, five stops by underground/Metro). Descend from the platform by stair, moving stair, or escalator. There are multiple check-out ports for the train or different ones for the underground/Metro; be sure to use the kind you checked in with earlier. Next, walk to the station hall. The station hall has three exits. The one to the left (in the picture below) is unfortunately closed due to reconstruction work outside.  The one to the right brings you to the taxi’s. The middle one (a broad stairway, half a floor down) is best if you talking a walk (5 minutes) to CASA.

When outside the building take a sharp turn to the left. Follow the temporary foothpath until you can cross the street at a pedestrian crossing. You should now be in front of restaurant “The dauphine”. Turn right and pass another set of pedestrian crossings. Now you might feel lost, but dont dispair: move 60 steps to the left and you can see CASA. Go down a streetbroad staircase, cross the street, and you are standing before the CASA parking. Just go around the building for the main entrance.

When you dont like the stairs, walk on a bit futher until you reach a canal and turn right to CASA.

The blue dot is the location of Hotel CASA, the red dot is the main exit.


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